I'm a seasoned home manager and family assistant with a background in nannying, with over 10 years of experience working with families and their home lives. Applying my history, I have a full comprehension of how a families environment can aggravate the already hectic day. I come in to collaborate and ease the difficulty of balancing it all and create a thriving home life.

My focus is on home management and reorganization. Which include decluttering and rearranging spaces, rooms, homes or offices for clients. Working to create a coherent use of space, create systems and environments which are tidy, organized and functional. Maximizing time, scheduling and keeping inventory of the home to stay one step ahead. Maintaining homes from every angle to keep your life running smooth.

Moving services with help packing/unpacking, sorting, organizing when moving out and moving into your new space. I have collaborated with many organizing companies, stagers, real estate agents, movers and homeowners.

Serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts in New England areas.